Orysia Dawydiak

Orysia on sabbatical

Welcome to Orysia’s Page.

The photo: Orysia in black dress

The year: 1997

The place: Louisville, Kentucky

What was I doing there?  On leave from work, David’s sabbatical, I travelled across North America with Kartal, my Akbash Dog, and finished the first drafts of two novels.  What a year!  One of the novels has finally been published in December, 2009, only 12 years later.  House of Bears by the Acorn Press of PEI (www.acornpresscanada.com).  Now on to the next one.

Brief Bio:

I was the firstborn of Ukrainian immigrant parents, whelped and raised in Sudbury, Ontario in the 50’s and 60’s.  I graduated from UWO with a BSc in Zoology, and completed an MSc at Kansas State U. in swine reproductive physiology.  Since then I’ve worked as a reseach assistant and biomedical technologist (now in toxicology at the Atlantic Veterinary College).  I live on a small PEI farm with my husband David, my flock of Shetland sheep and Akbash Dogs.  My passions for animals and writing coalesced in the book, Livestock Protection Dogs – Selection, Care and Training which I co-authored with David.  Now that House of Bears has been released into the world, I can concentrate on my YA novel, Rika’s Shepherd, where writing and animals meet again, this time in a fictional milieu.

Christine Doucette created this gorgeous hooked rug from the egg design on the cover of my novel, House of Bears.  Gob-smacking stunning!  The original egg was designed and created by artist Elaine C. Dillingham, using the ancient wax resist technique (batik on eggs) called pysanky in Ukrainian.

House of Bears Hooked Rug

House of Bears Hooked Rug

Christmas eve 1961, I spent the night at my Aunt Stella’s and here’s what I remember: Memories of Stella

(to read as a word doc click here.)


Welcome to the World of Kira’s Secret!  In November 2013 Kira’s Secret, a book for middle readers was launched at the Confederation Centre Library in Charlottetown, PE.  My niece Kira joined us from her skating rink in Vancouver and was happy to answer questions from the audience.  Kira was my muse for the book, and she provided a few ideas and the names of two major characters.  The second book in the series, Prisoner of Hildaland is ready for publication and I’m now working on the third book.  Check out the Events of our WWW blog for photos.

7 thoughts on “Orysia Dawydiak

  1. hey girl, just checking us out while i am on the blog, my first visit, but don’t tell Beth! 😉 (hahahaha) this is such a great picture. love it and love you! the setting could be Odessa Farm, and the year could be 2010, and the day could be today – such a beauty! Great Bio!

  2. Orysia, I really enjoyed reading your “Memories of Stella”. It’s a beautiful and moving tribute to a favourite aunt and a guardian angel in your life. Merry Christmas to all!

  3. I so enjoyed this story, though late in getting to read it. I’m glad you had the privilege of seeing her spirit. Some of us long for that experience, even if it scares the shit out of us. Thank you for this story.

  4. Oyrsia,
    I was looking for an address as I wasn’t sure if I had updated yours. I came across this Christmas at my aunt Stella’s story.
    I read it with tears, remembering a time, remembering my mother.
    I didn’t just take you to those movies because no one else would go, but because you were the little sister I never had.
    I probably coloured your hair because I was defying the mother you could not stand up too.
    It’s Christmas again, and Orysia, I find myself with two little grandkids, and you need to know you were wrong… There is a Santa, and reindeer…Joshua and Noah told me so… Love- Jean

  5. John Liba

    I read the story you sent me “Christmasat my aunt Stella’s”.
    I cried when I read it, it brought back a lot of memories of my mom and how much I miss her!
    She was a great person and I think about her all the time!
    I read your story every so often and it gets me every time. I cry, but it’s a cry of love and sadness.
    Love John

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