Here for the Music

Here for the Music

Laurie Brinklow’s Here For the Music is a story in poems: an itinerant childhood following a construction-worker dad from BC to Ontario and back again; girl and teenagehood with forays into boys and sex and love; stumbling into (mostly) single momhood and the trials and joys of raising two daughters; navigating friendships, work, and love relationships while finally sailing full-on into womanhood, making home and setting down roots in the welcoming red soil of Prince Edward Island.

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“Open, passionate and charged with longing, these poems are rooted in the experiences of childhood, relationships, and motherhood. Laurie Brinklow explores the concept of family and of home with an honesty that is both courageous and beautiful: I feel like they open a brave door to her heart. Reading this collection was like poring over an album of photographs, moments stopped in time and held up to the light.  It is a book I will go back to again.”  

— Sheryl MacKay, Host of The CBC Radio Studio One Book Club / North by Northwest

“I strongly recommend Laurie Brinklow’s first poetry book, Here for the Music, published by Acorn Press. The book begins with prose poems drawn from her childhood in British Columbia, then moves east to PEI, motherhood, close encounters of the sexual/amorous kind with the male gender, friendships with women, and the rhythms and revelations of life on an island. If all good literature is bittersweet, Laurie’s poems tend toward the sweet, with sufficient jolts of acid and the plaintive. Her lovely narrative voice and deep humanity — and her fine story-telling ability — draw you in, like the water on a PEI shore in the heat of mid-July…make you want to float on her poetic currents for hours. This is poetry you CAN take to the beach aka a really good read.”

— Richard Lemm, author of The Burning House


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