A Bold Vision

Laurie Brinklow

Laurie Brinklow is thrilled to be nominated for A Bold Vision, a conference being held in Prince Edward Island in September, as part of the 2014 celebrations of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference sesquicentennial. When 23 men met in Charlottetown PEI in 1864, their collective thinking and visioning ultimately led to the formation of Canada. The organizers want to know, what do 23 women envision for our country for the next 150 years? The conference will be a momentous leadership event that combines bold visioning for Canada’s future with a celebration of women leaders from across our nation. Here’s the nomination! http://aboldvision.ca/portfolio/laurie-brinklow/

One thought on “A Bold Vision

  1. Beth,

    This all looks fantastic. YAY! Thank you SO much for doing this… And I’ll try to keep you posted with writing-related updates!

    Hope you’re having a good day… keeping warm and busy with all things creative! (And not getting TOO distracted by updating our website!)

    Thanks again…

    Laurie xoxo

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