Pictures from the launch of Kira’s Secret

Orysia Dawydiak originally wrote Kira’s Secret as a gift to her niece Kira, who lives in British Columbia. This afternoon, Orysia and Acorn Press launched the book. It is the first in a triology. Enjoy the pictures! And then – enjoy this entertaining book!

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Pictures – by David Sims


2 thoughts on “Pictures from the launch of Kira’s Secret

  1. Hi Orysia!
    Congratulations!!The launch for “Kira’s Secret” was so enjoyable!!
    My oldest daughter Maria finished the book the day after the launch and she loved it! She is going to use it for an upcoming novel study and is anxiously awaiting the next in the series! She passed it on to her younger sister Clara who is well into it and enjoying the read very much. Clara plans to hand it over to her brother when she is finished with it. As you can see it is already a hit in our house! We’ll spread the word about how great your book is!!
    Many thanks and happy regards to you!
    Jill MacCormack

    • Thanks, Jill! I just read your lovely comments and I’m blushing – I don’t get out much do I? Book 2 in the series is with the publisher and I hope it will be out this year, but maybe not until 2015. I’ll let you know, and thanks for the feedback 🙂

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