Workshops @ Canoe Cove!

canoe cove, pei

Members of WWW are excited about being a part of PEI Women Writers Write the Day! on September 15th. Organized by Susan Buchanan, the day-long event features 3 workshops in the morning and 3 workshops in the afternoon to choose from – partipants will get to take 2 workshops, enjoy a delicious lunch, and have fun at an open mike. At 30$, this is a great deal. Not surprisingly, registration is full and there is a waiting list! It’s going to be a great event. If you’re interested, but didn’t get in fast enough this year, get on the mailing list for next year’s event, click here to get Susan’s contact information.

Liza Oliver is doing a workshop on “Using Monologue to Improve Character Development”, Laurie Brinklow’s “Blue Pencil Cafe” focuses on how to edit your own work like a professional, and Kathleen Hamilton will be teaching writers “Genuine Connection” for performance of their work. I’ll be leading a workshop on “Poetry from the Deep Places” and Margie Carmichael will be working with aspiring songwriters. For a complete list of the workshop leaders and workshop descriptions, click here.


2 thoughts on “Workshops @ Canoe Cove!

  1. I attended your boot camp today, my first workshop day, and loved my entire day. This was a big step for me as I am new to writing, but strongly experienced the inclusion. Thank you for this great beginning, it was a great “first” for me.

    • Hi Lorraine: Thanks for the positive comment. As a both a participant and a facilitator today I agree that it was an absolutely wonderful event! Thanks goes to Susan Buchanan for having the vision and the energy to make this event happen and to the whole crew that helped her do it. I’m looking forward to next year already. I will be posting pictures later on, so check back!

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