Back from our Travels…

It’s been hard to keep track of who is where for the last several months. I was in Japan for almost 2 months this spring (you can read about my adventures here), Dianne was doing a writing gig in Tasmania, Orysia ventured to Costa Rica and New York City, Liza was in Florida for a while, Kathleen was in Sackville at a playwriting retreat, and Laurie may yet be in Cape Breton for all I know (her thesis work takes her all over the place!). It was a great pleasure to see as many of us as I did at our Monday evening meeting. We’re presently hatching our plans to visit Victoria-by-the-Sea for our summer expedition to see Kathleen perform in On Golden Pond. I suggest you do the same. You might just see us (or hear us laughing up a storm) in Victoria-by-the-Sea this summer. Click here for more details and to get your tickets for On Golden Pond.

Victoria-by-the-Sea, PEI


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