Kathleen in “Till it Hurts” at the Victoria Playhouse

Jeff and I went out to Victoria By-the-Sea this afternoon to see Kathleen Hamilton in a Sunday matinee of  Till it Hurts, which opened on Friday night. We enjoyed the play, as did the rest of the audience. Kathleen was fabulous: sexy and sassy and delivering some great lines with hilarious panache.

She had some time in between the matinee and the evening show, so we wandered down to the restaurant on the wharf and talked over coffee, cake, and chicken wings. Here are Kathleen’s answers to some questions I asked her about the play.

Beth: In a few sentences, what’s the play about?

Kathleen: It’s about philanthropy. It’s about how someone’s life can be changed by what seems like a chance encounter. It’s also about how your life can be elevated by caring about and giving to others, and my character causes this change to happen in the lead character.

Beth: Is there anything about your character that you’d like to incorporate into your own life?

Kathleen: Yes, the hutzpah to tell the truth even if someone in a position of power won’t like what you’re saying.

Beth: What are some of your favourite things that people are saying to you after seeing the play?

Kathleen: The guy who said “When I heard you say ‘asshole’ the first time it chilled my soul!”  And my son Cuyler said, “That was amazing! I couldn’t tell you were acting.”

Beth: What’s your favourite moment in the play?

Kathleen: My favourite line is when I get to say, “It’s even more beautiful than in my lie!” because I do actually believe that lying can be a form of visualization.


Till it Hurts is playing from now until August 7th, every evening except Monday and with a matinee on Sunday afternoon in addition to the evening show.

For showtimes and tickets, click here.


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