Our Correspondent – Dianne Morrow on “The Royal Visit”

Dianne Morrow wrote a great piece for The Guardian on Will and Kate’s impending visit to PEI. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, click here and enjoy! This post is Dianne’s follow up on the real deal – royal visit of Will and Kate at Dalvay By-the-Sea!


Hi All, You’ve wondered what we saw, so I am attaching a few (pathetic) pics from the Dalvay deluge for your amusement. We did get to eat — in not one, but two food tents, a treat out of the rain. CBC coverage that night showed us much more than we saw in person, but nevertheless, it was fun to be there… 

1. Waiting in line 45 minutes for the shuttle to Dalvay-by-the-Sea

2. Sky News cameraman and the prince’s Sea King at the start of the one-hour Waterbird rescue drill.

3. Paul Harrison@SkyNewsHack London Sky News Royal Correspondent (Seems now he chose an unfortunate moniker, given the latest hacking scandal!) A stalwart veteran of 9 years following The Royals, Paul was splendid in lavender shirt and hot pink tie, shiny black shoes, wet in the long grass… It was he who told us, “You heard it from me, Will and Kate will give up their day off to go to Slave Lake.”

4. See the crowds, far from resplendent, draped in raingear? That’s Andy’s brown shoe on the edge of photo, at right, where we set up our folding chairs for Dalvay Lake events, and got to gab with the silver-tongued reporter.

5. Safe landing, in front of Mike’s friend’s cottage (on the left) with dragon boat racers (in red) waiting their turn to shine. To the left of the photo is the DeBlois “Cottage” where Kate awaited her prince, and took photos of his Sea King antics.

6. Yes, that blur in blue in the back is Kate paddling like crazy. She started out standing to steer, changed her mind, is in front of the standing steersman.

7. As close as we got — the clear umbrellas protect the two Kates (Premier Ghiz’s wife is Dr. Kate Ellis of Stanhope), while the black ones mark Will and Ghiz.


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